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Latest Updates:

June 28, 2016: Happy Tapi! Today is National Tapioca Day. Never had tapioca? Try this classic tapioca pudding recipe soon!

June 27, 2016: Orange ya glad it's Monday?!?! Have a great week Foodies and enjoy National Orange Blossom Day.

June 26, 2016: It's pudding time! Celebrate National Chocolate Pudding Day by going overboard on chocolate with this new recipe added to our website and app. Share your favorite recipes with other Foodies too!

June 25, 2016: It's National Strawberry Parfait Day... celebrate perfection today! Enjoy this easy to make dessert recipe today with friends and family and tell them to become an 'official' Foodie too!

June 24, 2016: Have a Nutty Friday! Enjoy National Pralines Day with a Foodie friend!

June 22, 2016: Happy National Chocolate Eclair Day!

June 21, 2016: Keeping Summertime Sweet on National Peaches and Cream Day. Try this unique pie variation recipe of the classic dessert. Hope you're enjoying our FoodiesUSA daily!

June 20, 2016: Have a sweet ending to the longest day today for National Vanilla Milkshake Day!

June 19, 2016: Father's Day AND National Martini Day?!?! Sounds like a plan. Cheers to all of our Foodie Dads out there!

June 18, 2016: Picnic? Sushi? Both? Why not?!?! Today celebrates both International Picnic Day and International Sushi Day. Enjoy both of course!

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