Food and wine pairings

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Food and wine pairings

Postby johneames » December 2nd, 2017, 5:53 am

Hello All,

Widely regarded as one of the founders of modern English cooking, Rowley Leigh is chef proprietor of Le Café Anglais in west London.

“I am quite selective about what I drink with what’s on my plate. More often than not, I take an intuitive ‘terroir’ approach. If I’m having wild boar pappardelle, I’ll always have a chianti classico rather than a Spanish tempranillo. It just feels right – culturally and geographically. Almost invariably, it tastes right too.

Sometimes, I choose the wine before the food, simply because I have a craving to drink a particular wine from my relatively small cellar, most of which is kept at Le Café Anglais. But usually I pick the dish first and then the wine – especially if I am eating in a restaurant. That’s mainly because the choice of food will inevitably be much more restricted. In contrast, a good wine list should provide plenty of enticing alternatives.

I don’t have a very gourmet lifestyle at home, for obvious reasons, but even if I am eating one of my favourite comfort foods, such as a humble pork pie, I’d still want a beaujolais or light Italian red rather than an overpowering Barossan shiraz.

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