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If you have not been to TacoLu out at Jacksonville beach, this is a must! Its a relatively small looking restaurant located right of Beach Blvd but the inside is very cozy and decorated in Day of the Dead regalia. There is upbeat Mexican music playing in the background and a few TV's around the bar area for a bit of mindless distraction as well. But the atmosphere and noise level was still very conducive to good times and conversation. As soon as we walked in there were luckily two open stools at the bar. Of course sitting directly across from us, our favorite, Dos XX on draft.
While sipping on some deliciously cold ones, we explored their menu. The name says it - this is a Taco Joint and they have a very eclectic mix of creations for you to choose from. I was actually very pleased with the 'a la carte' style with which the menu was laid out. I am always a fan of gigante platos with a mess of beans and rice and everything else they can fit on there, but this was perfect. Being able to pick a few different flavor of Taco as well as a side, if you can handle it, was a welcome change.
We decided to each try a different two Tacos to get a good sampling of all they had to offer. Being our first time I had to go with the TacoLu Verde, a pulled chicken taco with roasted tomatillo salsa, jack cheese, all in a fresh flour tortilla. I opted for the Chigona Sauce on the side, as it is supposed to spice it up and I wanted to taste the chicken before I possibly set it on fire. However the sauce appeared to be a green tomatillo based sauce and was the perfect compliment to the Taco without overpowering it with TOO much spice. PERFECT! I have to say this was my favorite of the two, and I just cant say enough about the flavor. Tender chicken, and I am a fan of salsa Verde anyway and I was not disappointed. The Carnitas taco was also perfectly prepared in my opinion. The Pork is braised in a mix of coca cola and orange juice, and finished with onion, cilantro, and jack cheese. The braised pork had a light sweet taste and was also very tender.
Bangin shrimp taco - seems like everyone is coming up with their own version of a Bang Bang shrimp these days but still was worth trying. And glad we did. A spicy Asian style taco with fried shrimp, served with cabbage, lime, and chipolte creama, all stuff in a flour shell. Another winning combination of fresh and flavor, and spice. If you like Bang Bang shrimp, you will love this taco. Last but not least, the Taco Rosa, which was a Seared Ahi Tuna creation, with cucumber avocado salsa, chipolte-ponzu sauce and wasabi soy sauce. Let me say this, one of us is not a fan AT all of avocado, and we both were licking our fingers after this one. Fresh crunchy cucumber pieces mixed with creamy avocado flavor, and the wasabi say to bring in some heat. And they know how to SEAR tuna correctly for those of you that like your Ahi done right!
I don’t think I have to say we had a great time, its quite obvious. We will be back for sure to try some of the remaining flavors, like the Scallop Taco, and yes, a Cheeseburger Taco! Cant wait.
Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Ill tell you where I ate today...
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Re: TacoLu

Postby fireslayer26 » October 14th, 2011, 3:32 pm

I second this recommendation! The fish tacos are amazing!!
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Re: TacoLu

Postby ashleyco » November 6th, 2013, 10:27 pm

The fish tacos are amazing!! :D
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Re: TacoLu

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