Basic Restaurant ($49.95 per year)

A Basic Restaurant membership gets you a profile on FoodiesUSA, which means you are now searchable through our website and smartphone app by our loyal Foodies! The profile contains a description of your restaurant, a picture of your choice, a map locator with your restaurant's contact information and links to your website and social media sites. Your restaurant's profile is an 'active' advertisement, which means it can be modified, changed or updated at any time at no additional cost. In addition, you get 12 event listings ($1.99 per event after 12) and you're now eligible for reviews by our Foodies.

Featured Restaurant ($199.95 per year)

A Featured Restaurant membership gets you all the benefits of the Basic Restaurant membership but with TOP listings on all our web searches AND a dedicated app finder only for our Featured Restaurants! Plus, you can add three more pictures (and of course change them at any time) to your customized profile, 24 event listings per year and are eligible for a FoodiesUSA review as well as reviews by our Foodies! You also get mention in our monthly newsletter the month after you join, plus you can generate coupons at no extra cost to you!

Featured Chef ($24.95 per year)

A Featured Chef membership gets your profile listed under the Featured Chef tab on FoodiesUSA. It is a great way to promote yourself, show your skills, education and most importantly your views on cooking and food. Many Foodies want to learn more about their chefs and will seek you out to visit the place where you work. You also get links on your profile page to your own website (or your restaurants') and social media sites. Plus you get 6 event listings, too!

Also available to FoodiesUSA members:

Foodie Link ($24.95 per year): Add a link to our page! FoodiesUSA is the first niche social network site which means that our users, our Foodies, all have a common passion which is food and drink. Get your product in front of the right audience at a great value. Our Foodies are always looking for new cooking products, spices and places to shop for anything Foodie related.

Why FoodiesUSA?

FoodiesUSA is the only dedicated website for Foodies. In other words, the first 'niche' social networking website. We are also the first to offer ACTIVE advertising! Put those facts together and you have an audience of people with a common passion... food and drink. Consumers who travel to find the best meals and new places to eat. Compare our prices to 'normal', and quite frankly outdated, advertising and there is no better value out there! Think about the cost of a local magazine ad, newspaper ad, TV, radio and Yellow pages (if anyone still uses them). Now think about the ad itself. Once it is printed and produced it never changes. Unless you pay for a new ad or more airtime, the advertisement will stay the same, get tossed or fade from the memory of your target audience. At FoodiesUSA you can update your profile, daily if you'd like, at no additional charge. It's what we call ACTIVE advertising, and no one else does that! So now is the time to get on the FoodiesUSA map and app and tell our Foodies "Where they should be eating at!"

For more information and our statistics, please see our online Media Package!

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